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Best “Pictionary” game on iPhone

One of the reasons why I love my iPhone is the way it has revolutionized gameplay. Capacitive multi-touch screen and reactive motion sensors allow mobile gameplay to be more than just smashing your fingers on a tiny keypad.

There are many good examples on the App Store. This one that I’m going to share with you happens to be my favorite because I just looove Pictionary.

Charadium. A new ngmoco multiplayer game (same developer as We Rule), where a small (random) group of players challenge each other in a draw-and-guess style like in Pictionary.

In Charadium, players score individually. Both the drawer and guesser earn points when a word is guessed correctly. The faster the correct answer is guessed, the more points you get. You get 30secs each round to draw/guess. Highest scorer at the end of 15 rounds wins. If you draw terribly and no one gets the right answer, you get -5 points deducted. So it’s all fair play, you will want to be the best drawer and the fastest guesser!

Of course then people get competitive, they don’t want to lose points so they resort to “spelling out” the answers to the guessers. At this point, you can choose to report the player as “cheating” (using the in-game button). If two other mates also reported the same player, that player gets kicked out of the game. Scary? Hehe don’t be. You can choose to skip the word if you are not confident of drawing. You can also award players with stars to commend them of good drawings or good guesses.

Want to play with people you know? Just create a new game room and invite your friends to the challenge!



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